At True Fitness, we focus on the needs of the mixed sports athlete. Rugby, Martial Arts, CrossFit – if you have a need for both high cardio and high strength and power, then you’ve come to the best strength and conditioning training company in Northern Virginia.

We build programs to suit your athletic training needs. Our aim is to get you faster, stronger, and more powerful with a focus on avoiding injury. We have experience in mixed sports training and also draw upon the knowledge of other experts in their field to help us put together the best training program for you.

At True Fitness, we provide the most comprehensive, efficient and results-driven sport strength and conditioning programs. Unlike the typical cookie-cutter approach, we coach our athletes through an individual program that you will not find anywhere else.

We build programs to meet the following needs:

  • Pre-match/competition/fight 8-week ‘peaking’ program
  • 8- or 12-Week Off-Season Performance Enhancement Program
  • Custom In-Season Maintenance/ “Slow Build” Program
  • Military, DEA, FBI, and Service Academy Physical Fitness Test Prep

To learn more about any of these programs or request a consultation, just take a moment to fill out the short, no-risk contact form on our contact page.

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