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You may have a job where your life depends on your level of fitness. If this is the case, then you have a job that also requires you to pass a fitness test to prove that you are not only ready for your job, but have EARNED the right to have that job.

If you are in the military, DEA, FBI, or trying to get into a job in one of these fields, you cannot afford to fail your fitness test. Physical readiness is important in the execution of your job – not showing yourself to be physically fit to your peers is NOT an option!

True Fitness’ experience and science based programs are, efficient and results-driven programs are built to strategically get your score into the excellent range of passing and avoid injury in the process. . Unlike the typical cookie-cutter approach, we coach our athletes through an individual program that you will ABSOLUTELY not find anywhere else.

While a program of custom time length can be created for any client, our standard program lengths are designed based on the average amount of time needed for an individual to reach their goal.

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Our standard program offerings include:


  • Test Simulation and Evaluation
  • 8-Week Average to Excellent Score Program
  • 12-Week Specialty Training Prep
  • 16-Week ‘Fat and Failing’ to 'Passing and Peaking' program
  • Custom Fitness Test Prep Program (Depending on current fitness level/test score)

Our programs can be offered in an in-person training format, online training format, or a hybrid of the two.

To learn more about any of these programs or request a consultation, just take a moment to fill out our consult request form in the contact page.

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